Prayer Request

Common sense and a Humane Right
I am writing this to spread the word to the community on social awareness and being alert on how to stand on your right to a conniving situation panhandling and unsolicited threat towards the community or area that is continuously spreading thru out the country, as the saying goes “don’t let the bed bugs bite you”. It is indeed a dangerous outside and kindness is being misunderstood to weakness. Vice versa, a citizen arrest is in the law as soon as you feel you are in danger and at edge of life and death. It is a protocol to each human to be responsible enough to be aware of the surroundings and report any malicious act of deceive useless. It is a human right to not speak out the correct and valid reason to be corrected what the society have shown and grown us to be. For the future of the generations is at high risk the effects are showing as early as yr 000’s. Poor children if they will not be able to experience what life has to offer. A clean air, water and food is the provlem.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: CA
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Prayer request

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