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Children are just as important as loved ones who has passed from the v
Our community provides for every nationalities on every other Friday but for the children they all need more calories due to their school scholarships to be future business leaders of America, and their rights towards adult naturalization to benefit the great future of our lives and cycle's in My neighborhood and we have a pond just need fresh water fish like catfish to Spawn first, we need honor for our troops that presently reside here... And 2 Fridays that our local wake that cannot be there to assist us for our future, can apply food stamps for the young single parents in our community with hope and less of a burden for the men or women with kids that they adore... 3-4-2023.... And the pong animals ..
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Raleigh
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Please pray for my son and family.


May you please pray for me for a financial miracle and removal of...


have a few requests. 1)I need money for closing on my house by August...