Prayer Request

CHF and brain tumor ringing in ears
Please pray for me i have congesstive heart failer. the left side of my heart is weak and not pumping enough blood they have me on meds but i'm not getting better i think i'm getting worse!!! I have had some scares these last few weeks. I love God but i'm 55 yrs old and i'm not ready to die. I also have a tumor in my head in front of my brain. I've been asking God to shrink it. but i think its getting worse be cause the ringing in my ears is getting so bad that i feel like i'm going crazy. I can't get surgry because i have know one to help me.Head surgry take months to heal. I'm alone and i have two dogs that need special care. Please pray for my heart to be strong again !!! Please pray for the tumor to shrink and for the rining in my ears to stop !!! I'm a good man and i have aways loved God and i always will !!! But i need your help !!! PLEASE HELP ME !!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME !!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! In Jesus name Amen
Name: Corey
City/State: SEDALIA
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