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Cash money andcar home needs if way if life fore ver
Yes be aware of what happened At1501 bayridge ave Brooklyn NY 11219 aptd5 Cleo orieles [email protected] I want resolved Thier the problem if abuse in the apartment was filled with snakes they did not fix any thing in the apartment in Brooklyn NY I'm moving out as soon as they pickup the furniture the abuse too much lird I want my money back please pay Thier game faitr the water was very toxic and smelly I'm.sick from the bad toxic water please call housing police pay all surveys people okay some day change the build there my beautiful head came from loveofmysical family me achlid baby keep off the bad witchcraft out of my food and home baby's I want the black.magic voodoo gone out of my waters and home apartment loft houses olive to have new made I could afford with what I have now the apartment is located on fourth floor someone cheap to move out the furniture Thier justb209-150 dollars one hour or less truck junk removal to the shipyard were they drop off furni
Name: Cleo
City/State: Brooklyn
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