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I am a Judeo Christian who believes in the Holy Bible, and I try to live my life in harmony with it. I don't belong to a church, and I don't condemn any. I have had all kinds of supernatural experiences from childhood, and at the same time, I have been under a satanic attack by members of my own family, and members in different churches. I play the guitar for church sometimes (instrumental). My gifts from God are many, but I find myself stuck in a rut. All my brothers and sisters are blessed to have their own place, a private house. I am the only one out of 11 children who never had a house of my own. I have rented houses and apartments, but that is not the same. The landlords have entered at will and do whatever they want, even Christian landlords, and I have been severely injured physically. At the age of 68, according to the doctor, I have lupus, sjorgren, IGA, and rheumatoid arthritis. Yet the doctors are amazed, because I don't take medicine for any.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Kittrell, NC, USA
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