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I pray that the blemish I have turns into beauty. We are suppose to be beautiful creatures but now that I'm older I feel like blemish has taken alot of my confidence away. I just ask that all the unappealing stuff on my body goes away. I ask that Jesus respect my burden and helps keep me calm because it does upset me. I ask that the Lord helps me with hydration, rest, and food because all those things when not taken in moderation cause blemish. I just ask that ask I walk with the Lord that my friends, family, and relatives see me as an alpha male. I spend time in reflection and often have nothing to say, Jesus said he would send The Helper" and I know I'm strong from my walks but when I have nothing to say to friends, family, and relatives it makes me look like a glutton, I honor full moments. I just wish I'd look more the part so I can enjoy life outside or walks, and work. At times, I just need to ask how powerful is prayer and remind myself how big that Bible was as a kid!
Name: Joshua
City/State: Missoula, MT, USA
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