Prayer Request

Ashley l gonzalez
I want every one to pray for ashley l gonzalez cause she has court on the 24 th of this month she is being charged for something she didn't do she was just helping her family store there belonging in a storage room while they struggle to make there move from Sidney to Colorado and didn't realize that there was some items that the law doesn't approve of because she's a felony but didn't know what was in the storage until a c.o.p.had made her aware by intimidation and treating her like a criminal and her ex was in the restroom was visiting while the police made there way up the stairs to later find he had possession of a substance to later have his dismissed in court to ashley being charged for firearms that aren't hers and possession that isn't hers as well prayers would be awesome in the name of Jesus christ of Nazereth we pray for ashley l gonzalez and we also want to pray for me as well for my upcoming court date on May 5
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Scottsbluff
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