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Apartments where I have been treated very unfair.
I have been living in these apartments for six years and last year the apartment I had was a two bedroom and the air started blowing out black ash plus mold I had to throw all my furniture away. Because of the mold, there were four strains of mold found in my apartment in the apartment, blamed me since I’ve been living there six years the air conditioner has never been serviced. So they blamed me because I smoked I burn candles and I had a cat which by the way I had to have put to sleep by the black ash and the mold. They told me I couldn’t move into another apartment because they did not have one. They told me they could not put me in a motel that I was to stay there until my sons came up there and got something that had mold on it, and the landlady wanted to know what he was doing and he said he was going to take that to the Health apartment and all of a sudden she says no don’t do that. I think I might have an apartment so she had been lying to me all along, and I am now in apt. I
Name: Deborah
City/State: Milledgeville
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