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A loved one
Emotional Support, Finances, Health, and Relationship needs added. Her name is Nichole Sresthadatta. I don’t have enough space here to explain everything. Coincidence doesn’t exist, only the illusion of it. I’m still in shock by what’s happening. By all means please reach out via email and I’ll spill everything else I can. She is in a severe and dire situation involving recent homelessness, unresolved addictions, and what I would call minor delusions. The last part is crucial; she spoke to me of “Alchemy” and “Transmutation” frequently as if she understood the subject. It is very clear to me that she doesn’t… but it’s like her soul knows it’s what she needs. She doesn’t know this about me, but small world; I happen to know a very large amount about the so called “Western Occult Tradition” (I never mentioned it to her because I knew it would do more harm than good). I’m running out of space. But please. E-mail me if you need more.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Columbus, OH, USA
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