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A home
Please help us find a way to fix our home or somehow build our credit so we will qualify for a new mobile home to put on our land. The home we in now the floors are fixing to fall thru we have a piece of furniture that 2 of legs have went thru floor, it has water damage so we also have mold all under the floors. Our situation is bad. We make enough money to pay for something if payments are reasonable our credit is so low that the payments aren't reasonable. I had both mine and husbands credit almost 700 until COVID we both missed 10 days work and did not get pd so we had a couple things that was paid late, everything is caught up now but the damage is done, we have no one that can help my husband's family have all passed away and all I have is my son and my mom but she won't help me she won't even put me as authorized user on a credit card so my credit will go up she says she is doing that for my brother I know it's wrong but I've always been 2nd to him so I haven't spoke to her since
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Greenwood, SC, USA
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