Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

Sometimes life hits u really hard and all u can do is ask for help and

Please pray for us to get back on our feet. I’ve recently been struggling with depression. I’m unemployed and still have two beautiful children that need food and warmth and clothing I’m struggling to pay my phone bill and electric bill I am completely over drafted every month I just need someone to pray for us to somehow get ourselves out of this huge crisis situation of a hole that we r in. God is the only one that is gonna help me get through this time in my life so seeing this site made me realize maybe I need more than my prayers alone maybe if someone else prays for us it will help because right now life is beating me down pretty hard and I’m not really sure what to do. Please pray for my children to always have what they need no matter what and for them to know they are the only things that shine like the Sun through the clouds in our life. Thank you all for your time and prayers. God bless you and thank you for your prayers

Were kinda having it rough

I clicked on this website to apply to turn our home into a solar home bc we have it hard trying to pay for an electric bill.there are so many things wrong with our trailer sometimes im afraid to lay my head down bc the wiring is so bad. You literally have to flip a light switch just to have heat when its cold and now u cant even do that bc the lightswitch gets hot as fire. My window are rotted out in the bed room the roof leaks sometimes when it rains. We want to finish fencing in our yard bc we cant even let the animals outside to run and use the restroom bc they want to call the police or the animal control. So my floors are kinda ruined from that especially in our bathroom bc the toliet leaks! Im not exactly sure if this is what yall mean by praying on here but my prayers is to have a nice liveable home especially one i can lay my head down at night i dont have to worry abt burning up in my sleep! In jesus name i pray. Amen

Prayer request

I'm request a prayer for myself to help me get though all of the hardships I' have my car stolden in step I found my brother dead 12/07/2022.and have to get his stuff out of his apt.and garage where I have my stuff and no money to do this or a place to put it my son and daughter are addicted to those blue pills and he has legal problems if he goes to jail I have no help Im sick myself with stage 4COPD and heart problems so I need a lot of prayers  


Pray that me and my family will come out of this dark path we have ended up in and it shall pass soon. Things will start looking up from here on


Plz pray for me and my family. We have 3 amazing kids we’re going through a rough streak and r staying at a hotel in Florence SC. Tonight will most likely be our last night due to funds. Anyways plz pray for me and my family thx. Glenn

Pray for me please

Pray for my physical and mental health. Pray that I find a place to live that I don't have to move any time soon. Pray for my relationship with everyone in my life.


My gmaws been struggling for so long. I need God to keep up safe and my family. My Friends. And I just pray I can get a decent vehicle that I like and that nothing happens to us

Not Financially stable enough to lose assistance.

Please pray for my spouse and me to make it. We had been living in a state of homelessness for years and when the Coronavirus hit, we were blessed to be taken into the Prolodge Program. Due to my husband's poor health, he was high risk to catch the virus. During this time we were supposed to be given case management to help us seek housing and follow up with ways to be able to stay housed. Unfortunately we were let to slip thru the cracks and all of the achievements accomplished soon didn't mean a thing with case managers failing to follow thru with the tasks the had promised, and then losing our vital records such as our credentials. We went thru several case managers who were temps, or just left to work for another organization while "handling" my husband's social security case that had been appealed quite some time ago and that person was still receiving all notices for when the hearing would be and was not responding nor giving us any of the information about the case for nearly a year. So we then were passed on to the next project/ program, Austin's Bridge Project to house the homeless, and eventually I found us a place on my own with very little help from the nonprofit that was shut down for chronic mismanagement and the neglect of clients. We have been struggling to try and make ends meet and thought we had caught a break when a second organization picked us up to carry out what the first organization did not. Now we are facing losing everything that we spent nearly 3 years trying to achieve, because they are claiming our two years of assistance is up just a month before our lease is up and two months before his court date for his social security. (The case manager who was originally handling his ssi case reconnected with us when we were picked up by the second organization in October of 2022.) If we could just make it thru to May, he could possibly win his case and then we would actually have income. We have food stamps and a housing voucher but the voucher only covers so much and we are expected to pay the rest as of next month. We are by no means ready to try and take on any financial responsibility. We have no way to do our laundry. (I've been washing what I can by hand and hanging the clothes to dry) my husband's health is still pretty poor, and we have our kitties we love very much that we also have to be able to take care. We have been almost more stressed out that when we had been living on the streets because we have been trying to do as much as we can on our own already. ( Some people will not take us seriously without an advocate) When we were taken into the hotels for the prolodge program we had been reassured several times not to worry that no matter what they would get us into housing and they would NOT let us lose everything again and end up back on the streets but as we're getting closer and closer to the date of renewing the lease, things are not looking great.... Please just pray for us that it all works out and this was all worth the stresses and the struggles to get here. I just read the city was nearing a half a BILLION in donations for housing and housing programs. So there's no way they will let it all just end for us now, right? Please pray for us. We are good people and we really don't normally complain but this is terrifying. His health and my emotional state can not take starting from zero again.

No food, money, and very little income

I’m on social security disability, struggling to make ends meet. I really need a lot of prayers for money, food, and something to give me a break, I can’t work I do get ssdi. But as you can imagine it’s very little money.


I pray for forgiveness of our sins. "God I'm lost, I don't know if I need to stand still or if it's time for me to move around ... I know that you show up and show out and I know that if it wasn't for You I wouldn't have made it through many I thank You and I pray God that You please continue to guide me and let me know what I need to do... love.. Amen

My friends Woodrow Matthew who's in carmont hospital

A prayer for him to make a comeback and stay around a little longer he's had two wives that died he either quit or lost his job that he's had for a while I think he just gave up I asked the Lord to take him out of his depression and get better

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