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Violation of probation
Please pray for Brandon Pryor release date. He has a notice to appear on April 23,2024 nd an arraignment on April 30th 2024.He was picked up on a vop from 2017. Im struggling bad he helps me I’m paying all the bills alone nd I’m ready to throw the towel in . He doesn’t have faith in me that I’m doing the best I can..he doesn’t understand how much this hurts me…I been praying to god but I think my prayers not getting answered I’m always saying how imma pay tithes nd a bill comes up or the lights go off nd I use the money to pay a bill I feel like he’s upset with me because I’m not doing right right now but I want too so bad . Imma keep praying nd believing cause one day my prayers Gonna make thru to him. Thank you for taking time out your busy day. My name is Toya and I’m Brandon’s gf
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Ocala, FL, USA
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