Prayer Request

urgent pray that God destroys the demonic bonds that indira has on me
please pray for my financial situation my ex husband new wife indira pacheco has done so much witchcraft to me to kill me that she is going to extremes having a demon smoke cigarettes in my face every, today i felt like the fingers on my hand was cut off God forbid because i need my hands to work with indira hates us so much that she wants me in deep torment when God knows that i don't know her or ever said anything to her since i don't know her, she even has brujos and brujas call me to tell me that they have the wrong numbers, because of indira i got fired from 4 jobs in one month, she made owen my ex husband to tell me to book a flight one way and to never return by the grace of God that i am still alive because they have been many times i should have died that and lost my life she took away all financial help that I could use or received from owen she has owen under a spell that no one can break that even at night i sense someone walking on the roof of my room and inside my room
Name: vonny
City/State: Rahway, NJ, USA
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