Prayer Request

Dear Lord Jesus, Please help me to carry the cross of my depression. Help me to feel your presence. Give me strength to be a good teacher and teach the students to the best of my ability. Wrap your arms around me. Please watch over my daughter as she will have her baby this week. Please let everything go smoothly. Let the delivery go well and both mommy and baby be healthy. I know that I am constantly asking for you to lift this depression. I do thank you for the many gifts that you have bestowed upon me. I just want to serve you and be a better servant to those in need. My son said that I need to believe that you will hear my prayers. I do believe that you hear them and I know everything is in your time. I am just scared because it has been 9 months and I am not shaking this. I’m envious of those whose prayers are answered. I need strength and guidance. I love you and ask that you continue to be my side. Amen.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Cleveland, OH, USA
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