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Sometimes life hits u really hard and all u can do is ask for help and
Please pray for us to get back on our feet. I’ve recently been struggling with depression. I’m unemployed and still have two beautiful children that need food and warmth and clothing I’m struggling to pay my phone bill and electric bill I am completely over drafted every month I just need someone to pray for us to somehow get ourselves out of this huge crisis situation of a hole that we r in. God is the only one that is gonna help me get through this time in my life so seeing this site made me realize maybe I need more than my prayers alone maybe if someone else prays for us it will help because right now life is beating me down pretty hard and I’m not really sure what to do. Please pray for my children to always have what they need no matter what and for them to know they are the only things that shine like the Sun through the clouds in our life. Thank you all for your time and prayers. God bless you and thank you for your prayers
Name: Sierra Dixon
City/State: NC
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