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Reconciliation & total restoration
, I was told to get out of her life after 2 1/2 years of standing beside her to marry...then through prayer and fasting the Lord started manifesting his miracles..I have prayed for a year and a half that we could be reconciled, and restored totally ..just after less than a week God started moving and unexpectedly I proposed, she said yes ...then the next day She said we shouldn't tell anyone yet and she just wants to be alone and not talk to anyone...The fact is I know she is hiding something and she barely talks to me , mainly just so I will do things for her like take her to work...Then she tells me oh I have a ride home.I would like to Clarify that the Lord has confirmed several times that it's his will for us to be married, he has even confirmed it to her , we made covenants together with the Lord...Now I'm confused as why God moved to the point of bringing us back into each other's life, proposing and getting engaged and then is silent from that day, it's like I did something .
Name: Jeff
City/State: Groveton, TX, USA
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