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I feel like I'm not getting anyplace when I pray.. I know that God knows what I'm trying to say.. I pray and ask for forgiveness for all of my sins.. Then it seems like I sin more and more.. I'm praying to learn the gospel of god.. I was a special education student and don't remember what I read and don't understand what I read.. I've been married and divorced since 2008 and have been with the same girl for 12 years.. I've asked God to show me if it's time to take my relationship further.. I just wanna live for God and make the right decisions.. I'm nervous that I'm not going to heaven because of my disability and I can't catch on.. I have an unspoken prayer request, and God knows about it.. I think I'm just lost and don't know we're to turn.. I stay scared and confused.. 😔
Name: Marcus
City/State: Charleston, WV, USA
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