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Prayer for my brother Brandon
my brother Brandon that his new lawyer will subpoena things that needs to be subpoenaed to help my brother show his innocence and to show that the stuff that he’s being charged with false allegations are false. And that the truth comes to light and that my brother will be able to share his story my brothers currently incarcerated, facing life or death penalty due to false allegations. His trial is in October so I’m just asking Prayer for his lawyer to do what is right and be able to see his kids before they move out of state . He has been incarcerated for a 1yr 7 months now and has not be able to see his kids or speak of anything that’s happened and he also is being threatened by other inmates and treated very poorly in jail due to the lies been talking about him so I’m just asking for pray for him and for him to keep coming closer to God and seeking him. please pray for protection over him. My brother is in a dark place right now in his spirt and that my nephew and nieces kids, mom w
Name: Andrea
City/State: Las Vegas, NV, USA
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