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Please pray for my marriage to be restored. I love my husband
My name is Sue Swann I got married to a wonderful man in January 2023 and we have been separated now for 3 weeks. I have had a addition problem with alcohol in the past and I promised him I would not touch any alcohol anymore and I had a weak moment and failed him and I was told by him I talked to him like he was nothing. I don’t remember anything about it because it wasn’t me I was intoxicated that doesn’t excuse my actions because we are given choices and even though I don’t remember what I was thinking or feeling at the time I broke his trust and he said he could never forgive me or get those words out of his head and love me like he should as a husband. I love my husband Jason and I firmly believe he is a God sent husband for me that I prayed so long for. I just need prayer for him to have understanding about my mental illness as well as the addiction and just know I was human and made a huge mistake. I ask and pray we get another chance to heal and make our marriage work with God.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Opelika, AL, USA
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