Prayer Request

Please pray for me
I need prayers. I feel worthless I feel use and not wanted. I am married but we are separated and he does give but if I need you extra for the kids he say he don’t have it. I work and I pay my tithes also I try and teach my kids we go feed the homeless and live right and I’m always broke. I am tired living paycheck to paycheck and drowning with these bills while he is living his life. I feel like my life have a curse on it. I never win nothing never can have good luck and have extra to treat myself. I make sure my kids are always taken care of. I’m not in the streets I’m working and home with my kids . I just want prayers for whatever curse to come off me now I’m struggling so bad and I am ready for a breakthrough in Jesus Name
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Lake Charles, LA, USA
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