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Please pray for justice. Help!!
Please pray for God to bring his justice against my brother who he and his kids have abused me my whole life and stole everything I've owned and I have to l can't even live near my dad because my brother is on iv meth and heroine and tries to destroy me and anybody and he sells drugs and then sets them up and he is evil and not even my dad's biological son and he stole everything I owned and I flew 2000 miles to save his life and he told dad all total lies and its so bad my doctors are like is unbelievable. My brother called me and many people heard him say he's going to get life insurance and poison my dad and his girl friend. Please pray God will bring vengeance and let me move back to Alabama where my niece, dog, dad and new born nephew live. Amem
Name: Jon
City/State: Evanston, WY, USA
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