Prayer Request

my house has evil in it and its attacking my dog. it has him so scared
My dog is being attacked by something evil it has him so scared he won't drink water. It has attacked him when he starts to drink sometimes when he eats. this thing makes him so afraid that he shakes uncontrollably. his name is Twinky. he so scared right now that he trys to get a drink but when he gets to the water bowl he acts as if something is watching him. As if he's going to bde attacked. It was really bad this moring it chased him all over the house and even outside. I have asked over and over again for god to get rid of it and it goes away but it comes back. I have holy water in a humidifier and holy exorcism salt and he and his sister benny have bless holy crucifix crosses on necklesses around their necks the crosses were blessed by a cathlic prest. I have always loved god and i have always prayed my whole life. but the afterlife has always followed me. I get attacked to but this is my little boy and i love my twinky very much and i can't stand this anymore PLEASE PRAY FOR US
Name: Corey
City/State: SEDALIA
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