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my dad died this week of a stroke
I ask you to pray for my dad's soul, he has died at age 92 from a stroke and we are all suffering from the loss and my mom is having a hard time coping, she has had a ministroke and we want to get her well so she does not leave us 3 grown kids all in our sixties now without her. whether you pray the 15 decades of the rosary or other prayers my dad and mom need them desperately for the issues we have, my dad is in eternity now and we all want him to get to heaven wherever he is. my mom needs prays to cope with legal, financial and with my dad's death. the stroke she had has slurred her speech and her right eye is affected while she is getting a cat scan on friday trying to keep her from high blood pressure and other health issues is mandatory she is 84 and is type 2 diabetic. her heart is broken due to the death of our dad that is my brother and sister also so while we all cried over dad we don't need to be crying over our mom, so pray vigilantly for her and the repose of my dad's soul
Name: dave
City/State: Norristown, PA, USA
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