Prayer Request

Good morning. I am asking for prayer for my husbands salvation. I know that we have to decide to in invite the Lord as our savior. We have the choice. My husband Luis Frausto thinks that he is a very good man and he will go to heaven without Jesus as his savior. Please pray with me to open his heart to understand that he needs the Lord as his savior. Prayer for God to put people who have Jesus as their savior in his life and that he will want the Lord as his savior. Please pray that I am a good example to him. I see myself getting angry because I don't understand why anyone would want to live without the Lord. To be honest, this makes me not like him. I know now why the Lord says to not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. It is so hard. But I will keep praying and trying to be a good example. Thank you so much.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: El Paso
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