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LifeStyle and Relationship.
Thank you, for praying for me. I need prayer for something to be released from hindering me. It's a person, but also something that may be known as a soul tie. I haven't spoken to this person in over 5 years, but he hasn't stopped cyber bullying, stalking, and harassing me. Everything he does is online. He has somone helping him who is a Senior I.T. person at Duke Energy. They break and tamper into my accounts, social media, personal, and business. Everytime that I try to date this person finds out, and reaches out to the man, and tells the man that I'm crazy, and all these other things to devalue me just to get the man to stop talking to me. They listen to my phone conversations and then send me memes via instagram to let me know they've heard my conversation... but they send these things through fake pages. Everything they do is all through fake pages, fake accounts , and fake numbers. I have proof of a few things I've screen shot over the years to put it all together to get a lawy
Name: Shrae
City/State: charlotte, North Carolina
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