Prayer Request

James here Curtis Dent that is in Need of help.
Can you request for the church to pay for my home I’m looking forward to buying, it’ll be such a blessing it’s a fixer upper or afford to buy a home that doesn’t need a fixer upper! I want to say thanks in advance if you could donate to my friend then he lost his home last year and I have another that needs a place too so altogether it’s 3 of us and we’re really good at paying rent so I don’t see why we can’t afford a house of our own. This is an experience isn’t it James God said hurry up get it together. This is real God though saying this instead then I’m here to help James only not the next man pray your fervent pray each other around him he decides to give his life to Christ we all saw and heard it James but no discrimination but James this pray is for all people not just yourself only lazy get up and go meet Barbara at your front door your bell about to ring outside space time continuum so go ahead and say it James smoke great that mean James is in the house by himself and that
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Augusta, GA, USA
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