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It’s been hard, lost my leg
Since I raised my son's I did alot of sacrifice making sure my boys do better then what didn't they are men, I lost my right leg...only one stepped up to help me, other two are not bein right treated badly, lost respect for me, after I done for them act I done nothing..I'm trying to find a simple house for me and my pups..since I'm low income nobody want to help me out...I'm stuck in my room cause Im not Happy, my youngest son I appreciate him..I need to be by myself..he works for me and sometimes he gets nasty to me, since he help gete where I live and I'm not allow to this is my home but I pay my part..I need to move but got no money for a truck, I got nobody to help me pack, I don't have to home to move in..I pray to God please God I need to back to Bethlehem,pa...I need my own home...but how ? I pray to find someone to help me ..I cry so much..I try to be strong but I'm depressed, lost leg, stressed out, scared...someone help I will do my part..
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Reading, PA, USA
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