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I need a home and security
After much consideration, I feel I must get divorced for my own mental health. I recently had lunch with a dear friend who brought up that my daughters had been in contact with her to discuss my situation. They all agreed that I have become a shell of my former self due to an unhealthy marriage. I too realize this and yearn for my old self to return. I am not in a healthy or positive environment and need to move on. I have started the process and paperwork. The main issue I have is that I have nowhere to go. I gave up my home and so much more for this man only to be let down in so many ways. I pray that he will willingly sign and agree to the terms and that I may find a solution to housing. He controlled everything so now I am lost. I pray doors will open that will prove a solution to these problems. I will continue to move ahead with my plans to sever our relationship in hopes that all will work out favorably. Prayers are so greatly appreciated.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Port Angeles, WA, USA
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