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I had my vehicle and all I owned stolen. no car no way to gain just mo
Prey for me to find the good in others and to have finally what is needed so bad a car. All I owed and worked for was taken. when others do wrong to you people hurt you more by treating you like your the thief not their victim. It's horrible uncaring and sure not anyone who believes in god and follows his word in their lives. Instead of the caring about helping those that sure need it. I'm so desperate to start a small business and have hope and what's left of my life a decent last part of my life and will never be able to have or do anything that would bring the hope I've had taken the lack of seeing a Dr, dentist and get new glasses due to their of them along with the car. All articles of clothing were taken left only with what was on my back. my bank account, all pics I had of my deceased husband and my kids as babies and children none in their adult life. Please prey for or find a way for me to have a car bad credit I need my hope dreams a car and happiness once again.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Norwich, NY, USA
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