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I feel like I have no direction or purpose anymore in my life.
I feel lonely, no energy, no direction on what to do at this point of my life. I am a Christian, I pray everyday. I believe in God, Jesus my Savior, and the Holy Spirit, I have a part time job, but am offered another job, starting in August 16th. I am off for the summer with both these jobs. I work to pay my bills, I don;t make enough on my fixed income. I also work to have interaction with co-workers and the children at the schools that I work at. I need prayers for contentment, and to know what job I should take in August. I don't like being by myself.. Im not married, and don't have anyone my life. I have a son, but, he is married, and thats his deal. I come last.. My family isn't close to each other, so there isn't any connection there. I need help.. Thank you
Name: Candy
City/State: Xenia
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