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I am a recently single mother, husband literally abandoned us without warning, disappeared. Former foster child with no family, too busy being a mom to make real friends. I've found myself in crisis, unable support myself and children alone, I don't make enough money to afford our home let alone other basic bills necessary for living. I have just received job offer with USPS and very excited to start, but I cant help but stress all the time not knowing when the next shoe will drop, feel like I'm holding on by a thread. I am scared. Scared of the unknown, not having a plan, or if tomorrow will be our last day in our home. I cry in the middle of the night so kids cant hear me. I pray and I hear God most of the time, he comforts me when I ask him to sit with me and hold my hand in that moment, I know he is with me and I am never alone but my flesh takes control often and I loose sight of hope. Feel like I am truly all alone in this world, lost in the background with no voice. I need help.
Name: Sunnymae
City/State: Spokane, WA, USA
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