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Help/healing/provision/safety/place to stay/people to help/medical
Emergency request. In the hospital for 6 weeks!!For deliverance from all evil, that god would work miracles and move mountains. Radial full body’s healing. I’m in danger and difficult decisions and bad medical symptoms. For a stable long term solution where I am safe, can breathe well and have loving people around me that meet all needs, that I would not die but live, with no struggle breathing. That God would send angels and work miracles and provide a way we could never imagin. That I can continue to live without stirggle. Heal and make it through next year as well.’thay any around me I will find favor and God will caise Unity, bring he right caregivers. Radical financial provision. Safety, and his nearness and true trust in Christ alone and eternity with a him. Strong faith and fearless hope and courage. That all the circumstances will work out for my safety, healing, and that I can be reunited with my sweet girls and son Will you please share with elders and prayer team and pray
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Corvallis, OR, USA
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