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Gunshot injury to the head – accidental
Singing artist Noah Thompson just posted this request: I’m not usually one to post something like this but If you’re a fan of mine, I’m begging each and every one of y’all to please send up a prayer for this boy Steven Harper and his family.. my heart is broken, Steven was one of my good buddies growing up and still is, he’s one of the most kind hearted people you’ll ever meet!! He needs all the faith in the world right now 🙏. Steven’s mother Lisa posted this: Steven Harper accidentally shot his self in the head last night for anyone who hasn't heard. I've had too many messages figured this would be easier. He stabile right now but unresponsive. A lot of damage is done to his brain. Waiting on neurosurgeon to come in. Praying for a miracle. I love you my baby boy more than you know.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Point Marion, PA, USA
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