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Fulfilling my promise to YAHVEH
MINISTRY OUTREACH. Over 30 years ago I robbed a bank. God made a Covenant with me, plead guilty and tell everyone in this jail that I am real, and prove Me. Because I am going to set you free... and you will not go to prison!!! And I will do it with a miracle so they will know that I am real, and that I am your father and theirs also!!! AS I HAVE SAID IT SO SHALL IT BE DONE!!! They will persecute and mock you with the hate that they have for Me!!! You will be grievously afflicted on My behalf!!! Stand strong and suffer not to fail, stand on My Son, and I will lift you up!!! I did as He Commanded me, and spoke the words He gave me to say, when and how He commanded me to speak them. YAHVEH was true to His words, I suffered greatly !!! On the day of my sentencing the judge was about to send me to prison, when He was interrupted by a young man holding a manila envelope asking permission to approach the bench. It was new sentencing guidelines, started with me. 3days later I was home
Name: I am
City/State: Nordman, ID, USA
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