Prayer Request

Please agree with me for the cancellation of demonic works leveled against my aged parents, spirits that want to destroy their health, marriage, finances, and most importantly, their testimony as believers. Please pray for their protection, and particularly for my father whose health issues are affecting his ability to work. At times he gets confused and is not relying on my mom’s assistance as he should. I bind and rebuke the spirit of suspicion and division trying to take root in their relationship. Also, some of the staff is taking advantage of the situation. I believe his accountant is shady and is probably stealing on the side, and that there are other thieves and connivers as well who want to take advantage of my dad’s health issues for their own gain. Please pray for my mom, that she would find her peace in the one true and living Lord and not a checkbook. May justice reign, the innocent be delivered and their hearts protected. Have mercy upon my mother as she sees all of this.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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