Prayer Request

I would like to pray for. Devine friendships. It seem like I have no real friends they ignore me and. Use things and places and. People against me they will. Do things with others but bring my life down. And then. Say things that are hurtful they call and hang out when they want to theyll use things against me and not know anything at all they aren't really supportive they think they know everything that there always right. I made mistakes to they rather hang out with people that got more. They rather. Lie. To just safe themselves they give advices. With out l taking there own advices they rather use and all then leave. Then come back again they don't know how to talk to people. They only like dramas. They don't understand. They Wana me to change be like them but I am not like them. They. Don't know how to. Accept me unconditionally they don't appreciate there own life and what they have and don't have pray for them bc I am tired
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Warner robins
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