Prayer Request

This gal has been thru so much I can hardly stand it! The devil has been working over time on her as the onslaught of health issues is never ending with her since 2016. Literally a mountain moving miracle from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet! I need thousands to stand on, to storm the gates of heaven in her behalf as she is a fairly new Christian. We anointed her and her room with oil and believing God is protecting her in this rehab where they are not taking good care of her and stealing her personal things. Told the devil its time and his time is UP! The line has been drawn. Believing what the devil meant for evil God will turn into good and use her as a walking talking testimony to glorify Him. PLEASE stand with me as I hope to get thousands to pray her thru and see her healing come to pass. I need miracles in my own body too! Thanks so much and God bless.
Name: Tressa
City/State: Fort Worth
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