We’re so glad that you want to show your support for Church.org! By using these code snippets on your website or blog, you help grow the mission of helping people connect with a their local church.

The resources below are available to general supporters, content contributors, and churches. If you have special requests for additional material, please contact us.

For Church.org Contributors

Simply copy and paste the code into your website/blog.

Contributor Badge – Circle

<a href="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com"><img border="0" alt="Church.org Verified Contributor" src="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com/img/badges/Church.org-Contributor-badge-e1498838795454.png"></a>

Contributor Badge – Rectangle 

<a href="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com"><img border="0" alt="Church.org Verified Contributor" src="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com/img/badges/Contributor-Rectangle-e1510874087122.png"></a>

Retro Contributor Badge – Circle 

<a href="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com"><img border="0" alt="Church.org Verified Contributor" src="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com/img/badges/Contributor-Circle-e1510874731218.png"></a>

For General Supporters and Fans

These badges are great ways to spread the news about Church.org. Feel free to use them on your website or blog. If you have questions about installing the code, just let us know.

I Support Church.org – Ribbon

<a href="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com"><img border="0" alt="I support Church.org" src="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com/img/badges/I-Support-CO-e1510875044287.png"></a>

Find Your Home Church – Square

<a href="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com"><img border="0" alt="Find Your Home Church" src="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com/img/badges/Find-A-church-Home-e1510875188482.png"></a>

Find a Local Church – Ribbon

<a href="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com"><img border="0" alt="Find a Local Church" src="http://churchwordp.wpengine.com/img/badges/Find-a-Local-Church-e1510875335431.png"></a>

For Churches

Verified Churches
Your free profile on church.org includes a “verified church” badge that links directly to your church’s profile. Login to your account and edit your church. The badge is provided in this section. If you have any questions or would like to customize your verified badge, just let us know.

If you haven’t added your church to our database, signing up is free and only takes 5 minutes. Get started.