Prayer Request

My fathers car got seized, my dad is already struggling paying the bills, I want to get into animation industry and get paid well, live in a better place where I can find real people, I want to have a job in the arts. My applications get rejected, family is living paycheck to paycheck, my country is at war, by May I may not have a place to go back to. I work on my own, no one is helping me, I want to get a job and pay of my debt, I’m willing to work, my school doesn’t help me. Help me lord find a job that will help me achieve my career goals, stabilize my finances and most importantly I’ll be able to help my aging immigrant parents. I’m happy I’m the US, I m just feel like I am to blame, because I chose to be an artist. Please help me find a job in the arts where I can live and make money. Amen
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Baltimore, MD, USA
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