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I need pray asap I am dealing with co workers who have disrepected me by saying that i am old and got away with it i need my job and i don't have money to afford an attorney but i need someone to fight for me because i need my job and katya is the one who said that i am old i am so tired or being treated badly by her and Laurie another co worker they both have been doing things to me so that I quit and or get fired when they both know that i need my job and enjoy what i do and its not fair i have been praying about this situation but it does not get better since laurie hates me she is turning everyone in the office against me we have been working together for a long time and i have asked her what is going on between me and her and she replied nothing but is lying because she enjoys seeing me suffer Where are you God when you see this injustices and know that i need my job why so much pain i can not take this anymore i don't want another job i want to be respect and treat fairly
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Elizabeth, NJ, USA
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