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To whom it may concern: I have questions concerning the ethics employed by a local priest. I’ve always faithfully and joyfully served Christ, but something very strange happened in my family’s home in February to rock our perception of reality and assurance of salvation. I can trace this back to what our priest kept saying about “thought implantation”, which sounds much more appropriate for a Hollywood flick than a church service. Each member would seem to drop “buzz words”, for lack of a better term, and after my husband told me twice to stop criticizing the church leadership from the privacy of our own home, all manner of illnesses and psychological/spiritual terror entered our home, seemingly through the suggestions church members had given. (My criticism, by the way, was that the priest was too easily upset for my liking; I had asked to switch parishes). In October, the priest had told my husband that "we're not bifurcated people -- mental illness is always multi-faceted". Agai
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Arlington, TX, USA
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