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For 2 and a half years I have been dealing with a custody battle. My ex has always been controlling and lies a lot. I forgive him and try to see the good but he continues to lie and thinks he can be controlling. When I am happy that just strikes him to do ruin my happiness. He has a son in Montana that he rarely sees and it doesn't phase him how ever with our daughter he portrays to be this great man when in reality he is only being apart of her life to keep tabs on me and continues to drag me down. I fear for when my daughter goes over there as I never know what truly goes on over there as he lies so much. When I was with him it wasn't a good environment for a child to be around. I feel so lost and I try to stay hopeful through this trouble. I am praying that God will see my daughter and I through this storm and he will lead my ex down a separate path from us. I am praying God will breaks these chains and set my daughter and I free in Jesus name, Amen.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: USA
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