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Trying to purchase a home. Have no place to stay
I ended up having to move in the place where I work last year. It is a facility of adults with disabilities. One of the clients had bad behavior issues. I had night after night of no sleep. I was bitten, I got scratched up, fights with this one client. I have been trying to save money to move and purchase a home, because I don't want to end up in the same situation that I was in before. Landlord raising the rent beyond what can be paid. Please pray that God move in a miraculous way in my situation. I am now sixty seven years of age, and I just want to have my own. The owner of the facility, threw out subliminal messages the whole time that I have been here about how she is not making any money on the house because she wants to bring in two other clients to occupy the room that I am in. I found a night job to try and save monies toward my goals, she is having a fit. Wants to meet with me on this week. I started here as a manager in which I am still doing, but she also now has me doing c
Name: Joanne
City/State: Hollywood
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