Prayer Request

To bring hope and well-being for the people of Ukraine & Russia
Dear (Heavily Father / God) To the entire group of personal whom are and have went through a struggle. I pray for you hopes, desires needs & wants to bring joy and with much less stress as to well of being with a loved one whom will be your friend forever. I do not need anything (Heavily Father/ God), but if you were to have extra time for yourself to hear the ones of Ukraine & Russia crying for help, may there help to be a place for them and guide them for a happy well-being and understanding with them to also comprehend western history and to get along with an opposite one from their oneself of them as to also to simplistic in a simple way of communication, for them all to get along, such as Western Culture, Ukraine & Russia In the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Name: Adrian
City/State: Washington D.C., DC, USA
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