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Spiritual attack and bad luck
Hi can I get heavy prayers for me and my family I feel that Me and my family are being attacked spiritually we have had the worst luck since we have moved into the house we’re in the house we moved into we lost our dog lucky last Saturday had to put him down was one of the worst things I’ve ever done I’ve had him since 2012 I feel like my heart has been ripped in half same as my mom he was our emotional support we also lost our father 2 years ago in our house we’re renting from a heart attack our bills are behind so is our car payment we can’t seem to get a break we can’t get into another rental either due to our credit we’re trying to get into a more affordable rental because the home we’re in is to much please pray for a change a better change that things will be better and we get a break our home is so sad thank you god bless
Name: Steven
City/State: Laveen
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