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Severe evil and harassment
Greetings! My name is Johnita Renee of Denver, Colorado. I am a strong believer in miracles and am under severe attack from the devil himself. I have strong demonic and violent attacks on my body, health, finances, electronics and even mail from people who I no longer associate with. First of all, my rent portion went up 200 dollars since yesterday, leaving me with almost no ways to pay my bills. I got a strange and possibly bogus call from a blocked number saying my name was being used, or possible allegations with me, when I have no court case and no criminal background. It is so suspicious that I changed my number today. I have a religious swindler from the internet trying to force me to make donations, after I had him removed on the do not call list, and even contacted the authorities. The calls are coming more and more and are becoming threatening, trying to force money out of me. Enough! Most of my mail for the last 02 months gets lost in the mail, just floating around wi
Name: Johnita
City/State: Denver, Colorado USA
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