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Save grandma home
I was in a very abusive situation that through mighty prayers I was set free when my grandma needed someone to stay with her for extra help she took me in December 2022 in March 2023 my uncle her poa decided it was best for her care for her to go into nursing facility. They agreed to allow me to stay in her house can pay all the bills and up keep. My cousin who is disabled lives here with me as well I promised my grandma I'd always look after him. I have made this my home and beyond blessed how God has moved since I've been here. She passed on 1/27 my uncle is the executor and told me that the state is going to make him sell her house, it is paid off and nothing owed on it. This is all I was given. I told him I would be interested in buying it. Please please pray for God's favor over this situation and claim that her home is my home and that God will save my grandma house for me to beable to provide for my cousin and also continue to live in an area that is safe for me.
Name: Ann
City/State: Ohio
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