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Reunite through the Holy Spirit
I am humbly asking for generational curses be broken from my blood line and my significant other's bloodline. On my blood there is something that prevents the women from happy marriages or ever getting married. We have just a long line of single women homes. In Stanley's family there's a curse that causes men to be prideful and avoidant in relationships and to also cheat. We both need to pray and read our Bibles more. We have two small children and we are dealing with a breakup caused by a domestic violence innocent on June 8th. We were just happy right before but everything happened so fast I could only think to call the police. I'm very uneasy with this. It's Father's Day and for the first time my children's father is out of the picture like the cycle is repeating. In the Name of Jesus we need heart transplants and to regain our connection to the God of Heaven. I'm asking that God reunite my intermediate family. Amen.
Name: Jacurria
City/State: Greenwood
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