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Reaching the end and losing faith
We have had a very rough time over the last 3 years. We went from a comfortable life to being homeless in a few days. We have 3 children to raise. Covid took a very good job from my husband. He took a job at half the income to get by until a better one came along. Our car was repossessed. We paid cash for one so he could get to work. Then our oldest daughter was abducted. It took 9 days for the FBI to find her and return her to us. She endured horrific abuse for 9 days. Our family spent a year in therapy but ptsd is a struggle. A few months after we got her back, my husband got really sick. He lost another job because of it but a stimulus check paid for a doctor. He was having a serious diabetic episode. We didn't know he's diabetic. We made it through that and he found another job. Last year we dealt with some identity theft issues and were audited by the IRS. For 3 years we have struggled and prayed and worked so hard to try to survive. But today we pay $2,200 or we're homeless.
Name: Mia
City/State: Lubbock, TX, USA
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