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Prayers for myself and family
I am asking prayers for Myself I am under so much stress . I hate now I am feeling right now. I feel like a big curse is on me. I am in a financial bind I keep try get myself out of and can’t. I just feel numb to my life right now. I am separated from my husband and he kelp financially but it’s not enough. He was coming see the children often now that stop. I have no help so it’s all on me 24/7 and I love my children it’s not them I need prayers for the Holy Spirit to wake my husband up to help more. I am so stress about some bills and I just feel like everything I touch is bad luck toward me . I just need a huge breakthrough right now. One that can put me in a situation to take care of my children without depending on my husband. Also prayer for peace in my home with my children.& my brothers. Please Jesus help me please 🧎‍♀️
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Atlanta, GA, USA
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